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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

clasS LeSs0n....=)

today 030209...

attending classes as usual..

today have 5 hour class..

1st class ==> HCI or Human User Interface..miss raja..

she says tomorrow 1st asignment will come out..hu23.. [ be prepared!!]

2nd class ==> ENG..meez deep..

today learn about APA style..

korank thu x APA style tu ape??

tgk usha dis web APA style..

acctually, APA style nie mcm format kte nk tulis references...

mcm yg ader kt references buku2 tu...

sbnar nyer..cara yg dorank tulis tu pown ader their own format...

bkn main2 tulis ikut sdap ati je..


3rd class = => DBMS or database management systems...miss mawar

today,my group have to present about backup and recovery..

but tunda esk..miss mawar not felling well..

so,she juz giv us excercise...

n tomorrow morning we have to present..


as conclusion..today classes are not bad..

can't wait to ettend tomorrow classes..



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