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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

it's OLIDAY...=)

salam olss!!!..

waaaa....finally its OLIDAY..


aku dh berade d umah...

pagi Ahad smpi cini.. my abah ambk kt klej..

abah ambk agak lewat..dlm 5.30..:D
coz die ade knduri at PD..

then kami blik to Qelate..

most important..i drove the car babe...:D

almost 9 hourss...

my abah not feelin' well..

so, i have to drivee...:D...dh lme x drive nie agak kekok r..lalalalala~

sampai umah dlm 4.45 pagi..

bapak ngantok gilerrr...but it sokay..

ak leh rehat2 kt umah....


p/s : bowink melande r...:D

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