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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

off for 3 days...=)

tomorrow...i hav to goin back to 'heaven' of beranang..[bab kate ati]

coz dis friday i hav to join Y2Y camp..

so, mlm esok hav to sleep at ostel...:D

dis camp will held on 22 to 24 MEI or bout 3 days 2 nite...

so i'm gonna off to update new entry for 3 to 4 days..

goin back to qelate dis 24th nite..


act, mcm mls nk g..but it sokay..

dis camp leh fullfilled my oliday....ngeeee~

hope i'll get something new from this camp..


gerak to kajang esop pagi pkul 9.30..

nek bus s'org2..:(

p/s : k r..gtg..nk packin' my stuff...daa...c u after 3 days..:)


zaty said...

pulanglah kamu ke kmpung beranang tercinta

ツ ZatiL said...

hahaahah...ye2...daku pulang ke sane..

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