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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

18th June 2009.. it's my day =)

salam sume nyerr...

pada tanggal 18th June 1989 i was born in dis world..

itu 20 tahun yg lepas...


and today 18th June 2009 bersamaan 24 Jamadil Akhir 1430H was


huhuhuhuh....gettin' old lor...

dh xde angke 1 kt depan my umo...ermmmm.....:)

btw, wanna says thanx you to all my friends yg wish for my birthdayyyy...

im really appreciate it!!!....love u guys!..~

besday gurl~

dikesempatan ini, sy nk wish happy 20th birthday to myself..

hope i'll get wonderfull life n success in my study..

n also be a good daughter to my parents..


p/s : thx to all yg wish my besday between 12.00am n 2.oo am today.. thx foe da msg and all the wishes...:) may Allah bless all of you..
wuaaa...tomorrow rezap after redo kua...cuakkkk...:(

1 comment:

CikSeri25's Corner said...

Happy birthday!!!! may all ur wishes come true & have a happy life ;)

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