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Thursday, June 11, 2009

made from indonesia...=)


bru nie my dad gi Bandung, Indonesia coz die kne bwk rombongan ketua kampung Orang Asli kesana..

huhuhuhu...abah ade bli adiah for me, mak and my sisters...

anta adiah2 nyer adalah :

welcome to indonesiaaaa...=)

  • Kain pasang for rayer
  • t-shirt Bandung
  • Dodol Indonesia
  • Beg Indonesia Airport
Sume brg2 are made from indonesia..

dis is 2nd tyme abah g Indon.
aritu g abah dh bli byk brang...so, abah dis tyme abah xbli byk..

nwey, thx abah for the adiah...lalalala...

p/s: nnti july mayb abah n mak g Indonesia lg..muahaha..nk itottttt!!!!

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