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Saturday, June 20, 2009

penantian 1 penyiksaan..=)

Salam sumer...

huhuhu...mest korank rse pelik when read title for this entry..

yeah2..aku masih lg menanti ble la rezap afta redo for HND students mau kluar...

mmg 1 penyiksaan wehh...

announce kt web ptut nyer klu 18 June 2009 ari tu...same wif my birthday..but hampeh je...

rezap for FHND dh kua..but for HND xkluar lg..

i'm still waitin n waitin n waitin n waitin n waitin...:)

hoping dat the rezap will came out a.s.a.p...

but, it sokay r..mayb ade prob kot.. [ try to positive thinkin' ]

still waitin..:)

p/s : still menanti dgn penuh kesabaran..:)

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