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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Already booked !!..=)

Huhuhuhu..hye all.. :)

first of all, nk say thank you to all my followers n my becoming followers.. [ade ke??]

my AIRASIA flight ticket from KL to KB & KB to KL booked already..lalala~

aku blik KB dis 31 July bcoz on 1st Ogos i have appointment wif my dentist for my monthly checkup..

then 2 Ogos blik KL smule..

my booked ticket..tgk tuh dah COMFIRMED!!..weeeee~

aku blik nek flight sebab klu naik bus mcm penat n lambat..

klu nek bas almost 8 hours tau...klu flight leh jimat mase..

ticket price pon xde la beza sgt..

lg pown ticket my mom yg sponsor..lalalalala~

this time kene survive nek flight s'org2..:)

but it not big deal for me bcoz b4 dis penah gak la nek flight s'org2 from Kota Kinabalu to KL..


act, aku x sure lg mcm mne nk gerak g LCCT 31hb nnti from my college..

mayb my big bro tolong antakan or i hav to go to KL Sentral n get the bus from there..

nope sure yet la..^=^

bawalah daku pulanggggg...:)

p/s : x saba mau balik umah nk jmpe mreka yg t'sayang...lalalala..:)

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