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Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Besday to my luvly Abah & Mak..:)

salam sumer..:)

for dis special en3 i just want to wish

♥ Happy 55th Birthday Day to my luvly abah

Mr. Abdul Razak Arshad on 9 /7/2009

and also

♥ Happy 50th Birthday Day to my sweet mak

Jemilah Ismail on 10 /7/2009

May ALLAH bless both of u, have wonderful life and healthy always..
and also thank you d atas sgale pergorbanan yg mak abah berikan kpd anak2 mu..

i both of you!!


my parents besday selang 1 ari jew...but dorank lahir tawon laen2 r..
besh sgt..sbb leh celeb8 besday same2..
dis year xdpt nk celeb8 besday mreka sbb now i'm at college..
hanya ucapan yg mmpu dilafazkan..
tp xpe..nnti kite celeb8 same2 kay..:)
mak n abah,
i still remember my promise to both of you..
i'll try to study smart for dis sem to get higher pointer and be the best among the best.. :)
i you'll..
truly from my ♥,

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