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Thursday, July 2, 2009

new look??..=)

salam sumer nyer..

new look??..

7 July 2009...was a meaningful date in my life..

why??..bcoz yesterday i'm got my braces on...

so i hav new look with braces on my teeth!! [ ala2..betty la fea ]

mayb all peoples around me pelik when look at my bracesface..:)

actually, dh lame nk wear braces but byk halangan..weeeeeeeeeee~

i wear this braces bcoz nk arrange my teeths and also get sweet-beauty-smileee... :)

i hav to wear this braces for 2 years..but it depend on my teeth movement..:)

can't wait for the rezap!!!..huhuhu..:)

i get my Orthodontic tradement at Klinik Pergigian Dr.Pratap..

place where i get my ortho's tradement ~

which is one of the best dentist in Kota Bharu..

yesterday..almost 6 hours nk psang braces tuh..lame gilew..naek sengal mulut nie..lalalala~

btw, i want to thank to my parents bcoz they'll willing to support my Orthodontic payment..

huhuhu..thx Q so much mak n abah...:)

feeling : rse agak kekok bile ade braces dlm mulut nie..muahaha..:)
but i hav to be familiar wit it!!


sHaH said...

link tu pe?
utk braces ek?

ツ ZatiL e-OneNiey said...

td post nie xupdate lg..
now bru je updatee..

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