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Friday, July 17, 2009

subjects for this sem...=)

hye olss..:)

wahhh.. dh 1 week class b'mule d KPMB terchenta..
[ actually, bkn sampai 1 week pon..coz my class timetable kua lewat]

ari rabu kot bru kua jadual...muaahahahha~ [ gelak syaitonnn ]
nasib baek la my jdual not very da pack..:)
currently, i'm at HND 3 or semester 5 for my course..
have another 2 sem to go..:)

course aku nie agak lame.. dlm 3 n half year gitu..lame kn??..
my course nie lame coz ade foundation..

ok2..so pembelajaran for dis sem not baddd..

but yg akan dtg nope sure yet.. coz 1st week nie juz for subject introduction week only..

oh yeahhh...officially for this new sem i have to take 5 subjects..

all the subject are :-
  1. Networking
  2. Multimedia and Internet Development [MID]
  3. Business application development [ BAD ]
  4. Meeting n Interview Skills
  5. Pengajian Malaysia [PM]


dat all the subject.. hope i'll get good gred to all the subjects..aminnn~

as my Network lecturer, Pn.Zila says " H3 nie not very tough but u hav to U.S.A.H.A !!! "

USAHA kan tangge kejayaan..

yessssssss!!! dat the SPIRIT..

~ aksiku yg poyoo..lalalala~

for me USAHA + TAWAKAL is more2 important..

semangat b'kobar2 gileww...hope akan b'kekalan my spirit..


my Network class dh stat blaja today..very excited ok!!

lg2 aku agak minat gan network2 nie...lalalalalalala~

byk ilmu ak dpt arini plus gan lecturer yg b'kobar2 nk m'gajar..

hopefully i'll do my besh for dis sem n get flying colour result..

wish foe my luck k..sambungg laterrr~


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