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Thursday, January 1, 2009

1 january 2009...

today,juz duk umah.. and last nite abah told dat he want to bring us to terengganu today.. so, maybe dis evening we go to terengganu.. yahoo!!!~~... last oliday b4 i hav to go back to my college..
arghhhh...mlas nyer nk blik.. :(

~nEw yeAr 2009...it juz beginnnn....

huhu...finally,tahun 2008 melabuhkn tirai.. and now 2009 juz begin..
ble aku pkirkn blik ape yg aku dh wat dlm 2008...emmm,no much... juz bz wif study and a lot of assignment..fuhhhh!!!... but i'm satisfied wif my final result.. thank god..

new year = new azam???

btul ke ungkapan tu???..for me maybe not..coz xkn nk tunggu foe da new year bru nk listdown azam2..emmmm,,,bak kate nabil "lu pikir la sendirik"..

kad new year for all...:)
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