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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Anda mau free gadget?..=)

salam sumer! moninggggggg~~
wah..ape perasaan korank bile bace title entry aku nie?..mesti x percaya kan?..sape mau bagi gadget free such as handphone, MP3 player, Gaming Consoles & HDTVs!! unsangkarable kn?..huhuhuhuuh~ oke2..let me tell the story..i baru dpt taw nie from 1 of my frenz..die ade bg link to this Xpango website which offer that free gadget..just follow these few step..

1.Register with Xpango.
2.Select your free Gift,
3.Then you will receive a 'Referral ID' which is used to gain Credits.*if korank select gadget mahal, u ols must gain more credits..klu gadget u ols plih less expensive..so kne collect credits cikit jea*

* tu die aku ciap tepek gambar lg *

btw, the credits can easily be gained by either participating in Xpango Offers, Referring Friends, or by purchasing a Clix Package..when ur credit dah cukup..you can get the free gadget..senang bukan..aku pon dah register..anda bile lagi? heheheehehe~~ if uols interested..please click HERE. *wah..x saba nye nak dpt gadget free..wink*

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