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Sunday, March 21, 2010

english carnival 2010..=)

salam sumer!
maybe this entry quite "BASI"..but i still want to share wif uols..bole kan? if korank rase xmo read this entry..dipersilakan blah kluar dr blog beta nie..oke2 back to da story..my college become the host for english carnival for all Kolej Mara & Kolej Profesional Mara..with the theme "FairyTales Come Alive"..interesting ryte? i'm one of the volunteer for this carnival..lot of activities being held along the 3 days of carnival..the best part is theater musical..each of colleges involved must perform the theater with theme "twisted fairy tales".. lots of fairy tales story being perform such as snow white..rapunzel.. aladdin..chipmunk..cinderella n lot more..and guess what..my beloved college won the theater musical...ohhh i likeee~btw, congrat to all participant who involved in English Carnival 2010..
pictures above will tell the story...

D.O.N.E!!! heheheheh..

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