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Thursday, June 10, 2010

tag from sis MelatiDaisy..=)

salam sumer!
oke..arini nak settlekan hutang tag dr sis Melatidaisy...hehehe..mekasih akak diatas tag yg b'berikan..
ok..jom kite mula menjawab tag ini! :)

3 names in your message inbox
Nanito (my senget sista)
K.de (my elder sista)
Nadia (my friend)

your main ringtone

what you did at 12 last night?
update my luvly blog sambil ditemani nyamuk2 yg gatai nak sedut darah manis aku..ewahh~

who was the last person you went with? where?
With mak + abah + nanito + long + ngah + k.de, we ols goin to Sabak Bernam attending my neighbor's son weed there..;)

the colour of t-shirt you are wearing now
RED devil! :)

the last thing you did
super-Duper-delicious Sandwich..*nyum2~* :)

3 of your everyday favourite items
ok..first, Desktop!..second, TV...third, handphone! 
ok done~!

the colour of your bedroom
yummy CREAM..

how much money in your wallet now?
many!..abah just give me money few day ago + my jiran also give me angpow lol! i likeee~

how's life?
Currently, enjoying my mid term break at Home-Sweet-Home..after busying settle up tons of assignments..and just being a good 'BIBIK' to my parents and sista..:) me cook + kemas umah all day longggg *ok..tipu ckit*

your favourite song
lots actually..currently, i really2 love all dis song..
1. Tilu - Ku bukan Aku
2. David Cook - Always be my baby
3. Maher Zain - Rest of my life
4. Justin Bieber - Baby
5. Shahir - Kebahgian dlm Perpisahan
6. Maulana - RSVP
7. Adira - Ku ada Kamu
8. Rascal Flatts - Bless the broken Road
9. Jay Sean - Down
10. Justin Bieber ft Sean Kingston - Eenie Meenie
*oh..should i list all the songs??..dat enough laaa*

what will you do next weekend?
attending Weeding ceremony at my next door neighboor..:)

when was the last time you see your mom?
just a few seconds ago..

where is she now?
At living room watching telemovie 30 Mencari Cinta at astroria..errr mom..are u seeking for love?? *wondering* =)

when was the last time you talk to your parents?
few moments ago~

who is the last person talked to you last night?
my sista Dik Ma

the last suprise you got
hurmmm..last year on my birthday..
and wondering if i can get another surprise this year??..hurm..*ade ke org nk suprisekan aku?* :))

last thing you borrowed from your friend
borrow selipar jepon from aina at redo session last week!..hahaha..tenks dear! ;)

who is your bf/ gf/ husband/ wife?
Allahu a'lam 
*copyPaste jawapan sis MelatiDaisy..xpe kan kak?*

what do you feel right now?
Feel thirsty..may i have Teh O Laici??

wanna share with who?

who know your secret?
My sista lol..:)

they keep your secret?
insyaAllah..as long as i dont reveal their secret too..Hee ;))

are you angry with someone?
No laaa..i don't like angry2..:))

what do you order at McD?
Mc Chicken + Apple Pie! :)

the last time you feel so sad?
Last week maybe...

mahu tag?
arini aku nak fair n square..
aku mau tag semua follower aku..sile2 jawab..jangan malu2~

ok done!..tinggal lagi 1 tag mau settle kan :)


melatidaisy said...

salam ..

thanks sudi jawab dengan jaya nya !! tahniah..clap3..hee :))

ツ ZatiL e-OneNiey said...

salam sis...
jom clap2~~

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