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Thursday, May 5, 2011

anda boleh like =)

salam sumer! 
wah..arini tibe-tibe ade semangat to update this blog..
hahahaha..ajaib sungguh!!!

ok guys..i just add new feature in my lovely blog which is facebook like button..
ala..mcm facebook tu lah leh like2..blog aku pon korank leh like-like juga..
*org laen dh lame buat feature nie..ko baru nak buat cik zatil? ketinggalan sungguh <-- bermonolog dalaman*
so from now on if u guys like any of my entry..
boleh la tanpa segan silu untuk menekan like button di akhir setiap entry..
as show below..:)

yeah..sekarang anda sudah boleh like..
so meh lah like beramai-ramai..

korank dah wat feature mcm nie dalam blog korank?
kalau belum do you know how to make it?
senang saje ok...

ok lah..if u dont know..on the next entry i'll teach uols how to put this like button in your blog..
i'll make tutorial for all of you..
even org laen dh buat tutorial nie..but aku nak buat jugak..tak kiree tak kireeeeeeee!
because i really want to share with u guys..
sharing is caring right? =]

ok that all for today :)
see uols later ok..

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