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Thursday, May 5, 2011

senyum tak perlu kata apa-apa =)

salam sumer! 
 selamat hari khamis..
alhamdulillah..praised to ALLAH s.w.t 
now i think my mood back to normal..

eventhough this week is quite tough for me..
i able to manage it..yeayyyy!

what i need to do now is SMILE..SMILE..SMILE
what past is past..
now i need to look forward..
and forget about the past..

 oh by the way, thank a lot to all people that concern with my situation..

 walaupon masih ade rase geram in my heart..
but i'll try to erase that feeling..
thanks a lot to everyone who makes me unstable these week..
i really appreciated that! *tangan di dada..mata ke atas*
please please please please..like seriously pleaseeeeeee..
please do not repeat it again..
i'm not strong enough to face it..T_T

and if you want to do it again..please find another person not me..
i repeat not ME okay!
this is last warning!
tenkiuuuuu :)

that all for today entry..hahaha!
tak motif pon sebenarnye entry nie..
oh before that..lets enjoy this song..
 senyum tak perlu kata apa-apa..senyum :)

mood : nak terus SENYUM sepanjang hari...boley? :) :) :) :)


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