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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

this feeling is killing me =(

salam sumer!

at this moment my feeling is so so so indescribable..

i feel so sad..
i feel so weak..
 i feel so down..
i feel so hurt..
i feel so empty..
i feel so sick..
i feel so heartache..
i feel..uhhhhhh! its hard to explain..
but all this feelings is killing me..
sometimes i feel that i just want to die..
maybe this is dugaan that ALLAH give to me..

only ALLAH know what happen inside my heart..
i thought that im strong enough..but i weak..
i thought that i can handle all this problem..but i can't..
it will be the best thing if someone can understand my feeling right now..
sometimes i thought that i can't handle this situation anymore..:(
there's no more tears to cry on..
 im just feel that i wanna to give up in this life..
oh ALLAH what can i do?

i don't know where can i share my problem..
maybe by make this entry i can feel more better insyaALLAH..
i know in this life we cannot run from problems..
by hook or by crook we have to faced it!
based on the surah Al-Baqarah : 286

"Allah tidak membebani seseorang itu melainkan 

sesuai dengan kesanggupannya"

yes indeed..ALLAH will not give someone burden if they are not capable to handle it..
i must strong enough to face this problem..
but am i strong enough???

ohmaigoddd..why this tears still can't stop run out???
 i can't stand it anymore..hurmmmmm
ya ALLAH i dunno what to do now..

la tahzan zatil iwani..la tahzan...

Ya Allah tidakku terdaya lagi
Menahan dugaan yang mencabar ini
Terasa bagai noktah telah kutemui
Mengakhiri segala yang telah aku mulai
Ya Allah engkau lindungilah aku
Bekalkanlah daku dengan limpahan iman
Agar tabahku menghadapi dugaan
Agar tidakku berhenti di pertengahan

pic : credit to mr.google


SHana said...

why kakk?

ツ Cik ZatiL Iwani said...

hurm..prob dik..
susah kn idup nie?

SHana said...

huuhuu... hidup xpenah xsusah... cheer up k! :)

ツ Cik ZatiL Iwani said...

owrite dear..
thanksss :)

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