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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

22nd birthday celebration..=)

salam sumer!
apa khabar..?
wow..10 hari sudah berlalu..
today i'm already 22 years and 10 days old..hehehe..
alhamdulillah..i've so happy and thankful to ALLAH cause has give me such a wonderful life along these 22 years..although i've faced some bad and sadness moments..
but i feel so blessed..that's what we called life..
sometimes life is so unpredictable..
but somehow life is so beautiful..
and its depends on how your live your life.. whether your want to make it beautiful or not

indeed! life is beautiful..

okay guys :")
i just want to share with all of you about my 22nd birthday celebration..
i just celebrate at my home sweet home..with my family..
it's just a simple celebration yet its soooooooo meaningful to me..
bunch of thanks to my beautiful sister, Nani for sponsored the birthday black forest cake for the birthday girl!
i soooo happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
eventhough i've to drove the car and brought my sista to cake house to buy my own birthday cake..

enough say..
lets enjoy some picturesss~


 birthday cake!

happy belated birthday to me!

oh yaaaa..last week on 19th June i went to KL..
i've a things to do regarding my future plan..eheheh..
i have a changed to meet my luvly colleagues when i studied at KPM..
and i also have a changed to meet my lovely boyfie !
it has been a long time since we never meet each other..rinduuuuuu ohhhh!

ok guyss..
i will update about these story on the next entry :)

till then =]


♥ ieLa NaBieLa ♥ said...

flava kek kte taun ni same la yunk...ngeeee~ mmg shati sjiwe la kte ni kan...ahakzzz... :D

ツ Cik ZatiL Iwani said...

a'ah kn..heheheh..
yesss..kite kn mmg shati sejiwa gituuuu..:))

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