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Friday, June 17, 2011

Chef Wan in Masterchef Australia..=)

salam sumer!

hye korank..
ade cihat..
wah...1 days moreeeee!
*muke ada seeeeeennnnyummmmmmmm*
:) :) :)

jom menariii..

tak sabar nak tambah umur 1 tahun..
tak sabar nak dpt hadiah *ade ke org nk bg adiah?*
tak sabar nak happy2..
tak sabar nak jumpe si dia..
ok semua pon tak sabar..
sabar la cik zatil ye..
dh x lame dh tuuuu..tguuuuuu~

oh by the way, aku kt rumah nie suka tgk rancangan memasak..
and my favourite channel is AFC (asian food channel), TLC and also StarWorld (Australia Masterchef + DC cupcakes)..

my favorite cooking channel :)

and you know what..those chefs cook various kind of foods..
and i really love the ways they cook pastries, pastas and all foodssssss..
every single dishes looks so tempting and of course delicious ok!
*ayaq liuq keluar sudah*
wish someday i can cooks so profesional like them..=]
*mesti bakal mak mertua suke nie..HAHAHAHAH...*

few days ago, one of my lecturer was post a video from Masterchef Australia (Session 3)
she said that Chef Wan in that tv program! i was like..oh man! really?
and i already watch that video..and you know that, chef wan has taught 2 Australia masterchef contestant how to cook Kerabu Pucuk Paku and also how to make Otak-otak..
and suprised both of them loves the dishes..
cayalah Chef Wan..u've introduce the Malaysian dishes to australian :)
i'm so proud of you..hehehee..
now, at Star World Channel they show the Masterchef Australia (session 2)
can't wait for the session 3!..heheheheh..

ok guys, here i want to share the video with all of you..
do watch it!

till then :)
selamat memasak kepada mereka yg sedang memasak..
assalamualaikum =]

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