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Thursday, June 9, 2011

double happiness..=)

salam sumer!
apa khabar?
i'm back hereeeeeeeeeeeeee...:)

finally, today i've a chance to update this blog..
this few weeks i'm quite busy with lots of things..
oh..before i forgot..on the previous entry i would like to share with u guys about some story right?
actually i have 2 stories that i want to share with all of you..
its called double happiness..ahahah!

the first one is..
i just became an aunty to one little princess which is my 1st niece on 20 Mei 2011..its about 21 days now..
and today my niece is 21 days old..:)
my lil niece bernama Nik Hana Humaira..her name have to put Nik because my BIL name also start with Nik..
she's so adorable and damn cutee!
i love her smiles..
i love her eyes..
i love her smell..
oh..i love everything about my lil niece..
tak sabar nak tggu die besar..:)

Welcome to the world Nik Hana Humaira :)

Dear, baby Humaira..pls grow up fast ok darling..and be a good girl ok..
aunty love you so much! 

and the second one is..
i just got new Sista in Law on 29 Mei 2011..ehehe..
my second brother abg ngah just got married with her wife kak iqa on that date..:)
yeah..i'm so happy..
and on 4 June 2011 or about 5 days ago wedding ceremony was held at my home..
the theme for that day is Black and red..
and i'm wore red baju kurung moden and shawl same with my sista..
thanks for all the relatives, guests and also my friends for coming to my home..

although i'm quite tired on that day..but i really enjoyed every single moment..
and the best part is cam-whoring! hahaha..
me n my sis, nani gile bergambar ok!
so weols posing at the kenduri from start till the end..
and please dont ask why the camera memory full with our picturess..:)
on ya..before i'm forget thanks a lot to my bro's OP Photoaura team..the crew incharge for that day is Tahir Tajuddin..thanks a lot bro! :) 
really can't wait to see all the wonderful pichaa :)

lets view some pictures on my brother wedding reception at my home sweet home..
* from our camera *

officially husband & wife..congrats abg ngah n kak ngah..

peace yooo~

wanna see more pictures? 
tunggu for the next entry okessss..

last but not least, i would like to wish Welcome to our family 
to my lil niece & not forget to my lovely SIL..
that its my double happiness..:) :) :)

till then =]

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