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Friday, June 17, 2011

i want red velvet cake..=)

salam sumer!

today ada rajin cikit nak update blog..
hehehe..rajin sebab happy kot..
happy sebab ape?
hanya aku je yang tahuuuu..

few days ago, i've watched DC Cupcakes at StarWorld..

and they have made red velvet cake!
its look super yummy and delicious..
i just wondering how does those cake's taste?
cause i've never taste it before..
is that delicious..?
is that mouth watering?
huuuuuuuu...i really want to taste it!
but i don't know when i can eat this kind of cake..
hopefully oneday!
let's pray for me..heheheh~

have you guys ever tasted this cake?

ok, this is the yummylicious red velvet cake!
oh my mouth keeps wateringggg!..hahahaha..its worse than it sounds..
ohhhhhhh..someone please bake this cake for me!
seriously, i really reallyyyyyyyyy want to eat this cake..:)
maybe i should bake this cake for my own..hahaha!

errrr..last but not least, i want to make some wish
may i have this cake as my birthday cake?
hahaha.. nonsense..:)))

till then..
assalamualaikum =]

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