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Saturday, August 13, 2011

alhamdulillah..syukran YA ALLAH =)

salam sumer! 


all praises to ALLAH..all praises to ALLAH

thanks you ALLAH..thanks you ALLAH..

mood adalah HAPPY 100%
cause on 11 Ogos 2011.. i just got one good news..
news that i've been wait for about 2 months..
want to know the good news?
later i'll story to uols..heeee~
xpe la aku bg hint ckit..it's regarding my study..

oh..i don't know how to describe how happy i am..rasa macam nak lompat2..
only ALLAH know my feeling..
alhamdulillah, ALLAH dh makbulkan doa aku..
sujud syukur hanyalah padaMU..
terima kasih ALLAH..i'm so grateful..
really didn't expected that i'll get this offer..but then it's what we called REZEKI..
rezeki di bulan Ramadhan..alhamdulillah~

berita ini telah mengukirkan senyuman di wajah kedua orang tuaku :)
thanks ALLAH..
nak nages bolehhhhh? Y_Y

by the way, thanks for all the congrats wishes that i've got from all my friends at FB..
i'm so overwhelmed with all those wishes..
million thanksssssss :D :D :D
if some people think i menunjuk or watsoeva..u're totally wrong! i just want to share my happiness with all my friends..not a big problem isn'it?

huhuhuh..sekian dlu entry aku kali nie..
before that..jom layan lagu Alhamdulillah by Maher Zain..
i love this song so much!
enjoy it guyss ;)

till then..
assalamualaikum =)

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