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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

happy 365 days LOVE!

salam sumer! 
wah..harini ade mood nak hapdep blog..
sbb hari nie tiada class! yeayyyyy..
even class tak de pon..assignment yang berlonggok sedang menanti tu >.<"

ok lets straight to the point..
on last 2 days telah merupakan hari yg paling istimewa tuk aku dgn encek syg..ececehh~
let's take a look!

yeah..dh taw kan?? hehehe..
its already 1 year 2 days we've been together..and this is our very first anniversary..;)

tak sempat nak update blog on the exact date which is 10/10/2011..
so this is the time to update..lalala...

*mood jiwang kjap*

to my love : 

 Happy 1st Anniversary sayang! 
it's has been a year we belong together..
i still remember the beautiful date 10/10/10, when u proposed me to be your other half..:)
this is the most precious moment i've ever had..
thanks for being my partner, spouse, lover, and friend along this 365 days++..:)
 and thanks coz always take care of me and always be my side even-tough i'm so DEGIL..hihihi..
i really hope our relationship will last forever..amin amin
let make our life always be interesting with full of happiness!
may ALLAH bless of us..and all the best for our studies..

i really love you..:)

you comel bby..:)

i love this pic!

sekian entry jiwang..haha..

till then..
assalammualaikum :)


cik hanny^^ said...

aitcehhhh.. heheh,

happy 1st anniversary kakak comel :)

semoga bahagia smpai syurgaaaaa.. ^_^

ツ Cik ZatiL Iwani said...

alah dik comel..
tenkiuuuu tawwww..
insyaALLAH dik..amin2..

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