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Sunday, October 30, 2011

happy graduation to me!

salam sumer!
supposed 29/10/2011 which is yesterday i've to attend my graduation day at PICC..
but i can't attend it cause i'm was far far away from Malaysia :(
i wish i was there yesterday..
quite sad bcoz can't join the convocation and meet all my luvly friends..but i've to accept it..
if i can join that special day..then i'll be the happiest girl ever!
sapa yang x happy kan nak convo?..hehehe..
but nevermind, insyaALLAH i'll attend another graduation day next year in Sunderland..
amin amin..
please pray for me friends!

would like to take this oppurtunity to wish a big Congratulations to myself and to all my dear friends from KPMB especially aina, kak kema, sha, pah, and all..

congrats Profile Graphics and Comments

really happy with all of you..good luck guys for ur future undertaking..
insyaALLAH when i come back to Malaysia we can meet again :)
can't wait for that special moment..!!!
i wish the time will run faster..hahahahaha..

that all for this entry..
enjoy this song..
especially for my friends who have graduated yesterdayyyyy :)

till then..
hope we can meet again..
insyaALLAH :)


armniey said...

hehe...tahniah2...wlpn x dpt amik sijil 2 ea...hehe...xpe2 smga berjaya mencapai impian seterusnya...amin~~heee~

ツ Cik ZatiL Iwani said...

kak ammmmmmmm!!! tenkiuuuuuuuuu kak..:) insyaALLAH good luck to u too sis..miss u..:)

♥ MiZ NaBieLa ♥ said...

waahhhh...name i ade la...hehe...tenkiuuu dear...congratz to u toooo~ wish u all da bez... :)

ツ Cik ZatiL Iwani said...

haha..of cos la kne ade..u kn bff i..hehe..ok syg..welcomeeee!
n tenkiuuuu taw...
miss u..muaxxxx!

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