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Saturday, October 29, 2011

my new life..

salam sumer!
its been a month plus2 since i came to Sunderland..
hehehe..how time flies..:")
really x sngke..
so far i've enjoyed every single bit of my moments right here..
the moments that i gonna miss when i've finish my studies here..
by the way, sorry sbb x update dis blog :(
mood blog memang sgt2 x mengalakkan..

lately, i'm quite busy with all the lectures, tutorials and assignments stuff..
wish me all the best ok!

oh yeah..i'm just want to share something with you guys..
have take a look..

my lovely room! love my duvet..:)

at primark! my fav shopping shop!

my accommodation :)

this is stadium of light sunderland :)


too my pic! hahaha..
i'm not gonna upload all the pic..
for more pic just visit my FB account :)
till then..

assalamualaikummmmmm :)

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