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Sunday, October 2, 2011

offically UoS student :)

salam sumer! 
just got free moment to update this blog..
dear blog..sorry coz didn't update you frequently..:(
i'm a bad blogger isn't?

ok cukup la emo2 tu..hahahah..
 seperti yang dijanjikan at the previous entry..
i just want to let u all know that i already flew away from my precious country MALAYSIA to further my study at United Kingdom..
to be specified i'm officially a student at University Of Sunderland, UK starting 18 Sept 2011 until july next year..insyaALLAH :)

 my campus :)

 my luvly uni :)

i've departed from KLIA on malaysia time : 2am (18 Sept) and safely arrived at Newcastle Airport at 12.30pm : newcastle time (18 sept)
actually, for you information Sunderland is one of small city near to Newcastle :)
if you guys nak taw more info about sunderland just google it ok! 
*haha.mls dh nk terangkn*

alhamdulillah..all my dream since my early age have came true :) 
thanks you ALLAH :)
i'm also thankful to MARA because willing to sponser me whilst i'm study here..
:) :) 
i really can't stop smiling when i got MARA sponsor..:) :)
syukran ya ALLAH :)

thank you also to my beloved mak, abah, all my family members and also to all my friends coz always give me support..
also ALLAH yg mampu membalas jasa2 baik kalian..

what i need to do know is study smart and focus in my study..
do pray for me friends!!!!
insyALLAH i'll do the best! and really can't wait to give the meaningful gift which is my first degree to my luvly mak and abah..:)

ok tiba-tiba rasa rindu kt mereka :(
till then..

with love from sunderland,UK..
assalamualaikum semua..

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