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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

borak kosong..kosonggggg...

salam sumer!

aku rasa blog ini perlu berwajah baru..

sebab dah berkurun lama asik guna layout same je T____T

ok nak kne redesign balik nie! so korang nanti kan blog aku yg bakal berwajah baru *mcm ape je* HAHAHAHA..

ok tu je nak bg tahu..byeeeeeeeee :)

oh before that, nak share one quotes nie

Insyallah..jika anda boleh impikan..pasti anda akan dpt apa yg diimpikan..:)

semoga ALLAH memakbulkan segala impian korang :) amin

Happy teacher's day

salam sumer!
sempena hari guru yang jatuh every 16 Mei...so, aku nak buat ucapan! hihi
ohh sblm itu nak nyanyi Selamat hari guruuuuuu..selamat hari guruuuu..Selamat hari guruuuuuu..selamat hari guruuuu..(guna rentak lagu hari jadi :P)
i would like to take this oppurtunity to wish HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY to all my beloved teachers and lecturers from tadika kemas, sk jerantut, sk sultan abdullah, sk kubang kerian, smk zainab 1, KPMB, and also Uni of Sunderland :) and tak lupa to my lovely mother, Pn Jemilah Ismail and also my sister teacher zatil hidayah at Brunei..
Thanks for every single knowledges u guys have taught me and thanks you for making me what I am today! tanpa jasa kalian, sy tak berada sampai ke tahap ini :) hanya ALLAH s.w.t yg mampu membalas segala jasa kalian..

till then..

Monday, May 14, 2012

Instagram yooo..:)

salam sumer!

for your information..sepanjang aku x active blogging nie..aku more prefer active on facebook, twitter and also on my favourite apps at this moment which is Instagram!

actually this apps only available on iphone or any apple product but nowdays android users also can install this apps into their phone! cool uh? 

semakin bertambah la pengguna instagram after this :)

super cool apps where you can snap & edit & share your picture in an easy way!

that's why i love instagram so much :)

here, i would like to share some of my picture in instagram for those who didn't follow me :)

enjoy it guyssssssss..

warning! gambar adalah amat banyak...klu x nak tgk boleh tutup blog ini..tq

comel x? ahakss..

jap jap..perasan x most of my pictures above berunsurkan makanan?
hahahaha..this is because i love food so much!
:) :)

so guys, do follow me at my instagram by searching this name Zazamccoy

see you at next entry


salam sumer!

yesterday it's mother's day..therefore, i would like to take this opportunity to wish


to my one and only mak Pn Jemilah Ismail & also to all mom in this world

"i love you mak...thanks for everything you've done for me..it's been 8 months we don't meet each other..i miss to hugs you :( can't wait to go back home..doakan yg terbaik buat kak teh kt cini..insyaALLAH i will try my best in my exam and will get good result and make mak and abah proud of me..amin "

this picture was took last 8 months before i'm fly to UK :)

till then..
assalamualaikum :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

i'm just a girl..


salam sumer!

hi korang..suddenly tiba-tiba ada mood nak update blog..so suprisely!

ok guys, currently..i don't have any more assignmenttttttttttttttttssssss! semua dh submit!

alhamdulillah...submitting my last tough assignment..agak susah nak settle kan this assignment..but i managed to finished it..thanks ALLAH :)

therefore, just one more exam left for my degree..

then i'm totally freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

ya ALLAH rasa mcm cepat je masa berlalu..

i've almost done with my degree in UK..ternyata 1 year tu cpt sgt berlalu..:')

semua subjek dh lepas tggl one more which is Advanced Databases..

hope i can answer all the exam very well..pls pray for me!

ok..jmpe di next entry..
assalammualaikum :)

p/s : fews months left before i'm gonna leave england..damn sad! T_T

London's Trip :)

salam sumer! 
hye uolssssssss...tibe2 aku rindu akan blog nie :(
sorry dear blog sebab di anak tiri kan..

as i promised on the last entry, here i want to share some of my pic at LONDON end of last year..
so enjoyyy..muaxxxxxxx :)

with him~

ini pulak antara makanan2 malaysia yang aku makan time aku kt london that day

nasi campur

nasi goreng tom yam!

pisang goreng with ice-cream..nyum~~

i think that's all for this entry..
malassssss nk upload byk2..hihihi
if you wish nak tgk all the pic..leh tgk at my FB profile..
see you at the next entry..
assalamualaikum :)

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